Subsea Engineering & Installation (SURF)

We have the capablity to install and commision Sub-sea infrastructure, Umbilical, Riser and Flowline syatems (SURF) as well as general Sub-sea & Marine constructions.Activities related to this business have ben performed for serveral customers



Subsea Structure installtion           Rigid Pipeline installation  
  • Installation of subsea structures such as PLEMS, Manifolds, Valve skids, Riser bases & Mid-water arches
  • Complete Installation of Mooring systems with Suction piles, driven piles or conventional anchors for Floating units including FPSO's
  • Installation of Offshore loading systems including floating & subsea hoses
  • Installtion of suction, gravity or Piled anchor systems arches
  • Load-out & transportation of project pipeline and materials
  • Installation of rigid pipeline using our DSV-based pipelay spreads
  • Utilizing either manual or automatics welding processes
  • Most methods if NDT and Field Joint Coating can be appiled
  • Pre-lay Quality Control





Flexible Pipeline Installation           Installation of Umbilials & Cables  
  • Load-out and transportation on reels or carousel
  • Preparation of installation spreads
  • Installation of Flexible pipelines
  • Pre-lay Quality Control
  • Power cable installation
  • Fibre Optical cable installations
  • Platform hook up to ultimate location
  • Pre and Post-lay testing



Rigid & Flexible spool Installations           Rigid & Flexible Riser Installations  
  • Fabrication and transportation of rigid spools
  • Installation of Rigid pipe spools with flanged connections or remote sub-sea connectors
  • Installation of Flexible tails with flanged connections or remote sub-sea connectors
  • Tie-ins using diver or diver-less intervention methods
  • Platform Preparation to receive riser
  • Rigid riser transportion and installation
  • Flexible/Dynamic risers inclusive of l-or j-tubes
  • Tie-ins using diver or diver-less intervention methods





Shore Approach & Coastal Works           Subsea Stabilization & Protection  
  • Equipments to be utilized depending on local circumstances
  • Landfall preparation & construction
  • Trenching & burial activite
  • Outfall construction








  • Our capabilities include pipeline anchoring & subsea module anchoring/ protection
  • pipeline free span correction using textile grout bags installed by diver or work class ROV
  • In cases of high free spans correction using mechanical anchors offering long term stabilization
  • Solutions providing flexibility to regulate strain & stress in the pipeline
  • Installation of stabilization mattresses, tunnel blocks, shock absorbing systems,rock dumping,post trenching techniques or anti-scouring systems